About Hartford Group International Taipei

Hartford Group International Taipei provides high quality investment products and services that are tailor-made to meet our client’s particular requirements. Our reputation has been built over the last nine years on solid values and investment expertise. Our experience and success has established us as one of the fastest growing investment brokerages in the world today.

We offer clients both packaged and customized solutions to meet their particular investment needs. Our wide range of investment products offer investors access to local, regional and global markets. These investments are selected by our international team of experienced professionals and carefully selected external partners. Clients seeking solutions which require particular structuring can open Full-Service Brokerage Accounts, which are managed on the basis of agreed mandates.

Our Brokerage offers clients a high standard of stock transaction facilities, through centers located globally, via Internet, automated phone trading & call centers. Hartford Group International uses all of the major global Stock Exchanges, therefore can access a wealth of investment instruments. We do not limit ourselves to investing in traditional stocks, we utilize our extensive knowledge of commodities and derivatives to our clients benefit. Hartford Group International brokerage’s long-established business reputation is one of reliability in service and quality of investment solutions.

Hartford Group International Taipei provides detailed research and analysis in order to raise awareness and inform investors of the latest market trends and investment news. Our research data is designed to positively equip clients for better decision-making in their investments and provide a more satisfying investment experience.

Hartford Group International works unceasingly to provide our clients high quality investment solutions coupled with exceptional customer service.

Head Office

Taipei Hsin Yi Center 16 F No. 89
Songren Road
Taipei Xinyi District
Taipei City 110

Tel: 886 – 2 – 8722 – 0076
Fax: 886 – 2 – 8722 – 0099

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