At Hartford Group International we know that making investment decisions can often feel daunting. With such an array of investment possibilities it is difficult to know what the best options are. That is why we work hard to make life as simple as possible for our clients. By avoiding unnecessary jargon we aim to clarify the world of investment so that our clients feel confident and assured of their investment decisions.

We offer in-depth research and exceptional investment services to private and institutional investors. We concentrate on a wide range of markets across the globe, and utilize several types of investment instruments to help our clients achieve their goals, such as Stocks, CFDs, Options and Futures. Due to the professional and sector-specific background of some of our analysts and brokers we can focus on certain sectors with more confidence and insight than you would usually find in other brokerages. We have over two dozen investment professionals with expertise in multiple investment sectors including but not limited to: biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, mining & drilling, renewable energy and commodities.

Our professional, knowledge-driven trading force allows investors to benefit from pin-point trade execution across multiple global markets. At Hartford Group International, we aim to convert our expertise and innovation into sustainable investment success for our clients whilst promoting and maintaining a strong fiduciary culture. We strive to provide exceptional performance and service for our clients so that we can build long-term relationships that are both sustainable and profitable.

Please feel free to contact us to determine how we can assist you in your financial success.

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